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1ClickWP Review

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1ClickWP Review - What Will be It?
1ClickWP is a WordPress installer tool that helps you to mount WordPress on your internet hosting. It also creates instant backup/clones, and installs plugins/themes anytime. 1ClickWP Review is a unique software that every WordPress user needs. It install WordPress on any hosting, add all of your themes and plugins, and backup and migrate/clone your sites on demand, 24/7!

A full 35% of all new websites that go up online every day are built with WordPress. Business owners and startups spend a lot of cash on WordPress products, and they desire a destination to manage them all. Themes... plugins... you pay money for these things, yet you often lose them on your hard drive, or worse yet, never even download and install on your site!

But it's such a pain in the butt to setup a new WordPress site!! When you have ever done it from learn to finish, you already know this. Will be certainly just no 1 way to conveniently store your entire WordPress stuff in order that it can be easily deployed on any installation in just seconds.

Usually, here's what I have to do for my hosting to set up a new website:

Purchase website
Point nameservers
Sign into WHM
Add domain
Log in as consumer and set up MySQL user
Set up MySQL DB
Assign user privileges (permissions) to allow the user the entry
Publish WordPress
Enter the details
Run the install
Which 10 steps... it requires too much time. And that's 12 ways how I can mess up - I don't always pay 100% full attention, I'm a normal individual just like everyone else.. I, too, screw this up a whole lot! But which only the beginning. After that, you still have to add your themes & plugins! This 10-step setup can quickly bloat into a long project that takes hours.

Many biz owners will struggle for weeks trying to get their site to look 'just right' and still, they fail to achieve that final 'polished' look & feel. What happens if there was a way that you should do all of this in just 3 steps... and what if you could make every WP site you ever put up on the internet look sharp, every single time?

With 1ClickWP you will automate 5 critical aspects of Wp:

Installation: With 1ClickWP Evaluation, you can install new WordPress sites in under 60 seconds, and that hard stuff will be done for you by the automated software.
Backups: Backing up WordPress is annoying but critical. In case you get hacked or if your server crashes, you need to be sure that you can bring back you site in a snap.?? Thanks to 1ClickWP, your WordPress sites can be backed up instantly, with 1 click, at any time.
Cloning: Using 1ClickWP Review, you can restore backups produce site copes like a professional in seconds.
Themes: Would you like to never lose track of another expensive WordPress theme you purchase? Inside 1ClickWP, you'll find a built-in repository for your Wp themes. Upload them inside our web software and deploy them to all of your sites in 1 click.
Plugins: The same thing applies to plugins. The repository stores your entire plug ins, too! Want to install a particular plugin or a theme on the particular site? Just select the ones you need, make just one click, and you're done. Everything is finally in 1 convenient place.


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1ClickWP Review and Bonus 
1ClickWP Review and Discount

Post by sangbk (2016-09-10 12:21)

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