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FB Exciter Review

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It's rare to find bands capable of keeping their own best qualities to the fore while trying something new each time out there, but Depeche Mode show that balance in full on the marvelous Conduire. Arguably the first record made by the group as a cohesive product since Violator (and keeping some resemblance to that record in overall name and song names -- compare "The Sweetest Condition" with "The Sweetest Perfection"),Fb Exciter Bonus finds the terno again balancing pop catchiness with experimental depths. As with Ultra, an outdoors producer helps focus the end results in new, intriguing directions -- in this case, said producer is Mark Bell, known for his work with Bj? rk but in addition as part of Warp Records' flagship act LFO, which always acknowledged their own debut to Depeche. Bell's ear for minimal, crisp beats and quick, delicate arrangements and changes suit Martin Gore's songs wonderfully. If there are few storming arena-shaking numbers this time out, the delightful delicacy throughout is addictive, with Gore's guitar providing slippery and stinging brings about the smoky, romantic movement of Fb Exciter. "When your body Speaks" is a particular winner, his gentle work and a backing chain section combining just right. David Gahan's voice, already audibly making the most of lessons on Ultra, is even more supple and passionate than before, ranging from the fuller delivery on the snaky charm of "Shine" to the haunting album-closer, "Goodnight Lovers, " an intimate lullaby with perfect counterpoint backing vocals. Gore's own singing remains equally fine, as does his lyrical obsessions on, well, passion -- "Breathe, " which quotes more Bible titles per verse than most preachers, makes for a good example on both fronts. When the music group fully crank it upward, the results work there too -- "The Deceased of Night" makes for a far superior nod to Gore's glam root base and Depeche's own commercial dance descendants than Songs of Faith and Devotion's "Rush" did.


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Post by sangbk (2017-02-24 13:10)

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