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InstaGenius Review

Tags: InstaGenius 2.0 Review & Bonuses - Should I Get it, InstaGenius, InstaGenius Review, InstaGenius Bonus, InstaGenius Reviews, InstaGenius Reviews And Bonuses, InstaGenius Download, InstaGenius Review And Discount,… InstaGenius Review And Bonuses Site:

InstaGenius Review

InstaGenius is an user-friendly WP plugin that allows you to build the list, find customers, upsell and close a sale effortlessly. Using this system, you help your customers find what they want at the reasonable price that they are willing to pay for. It was created for almost all people so you can get access it and see the results immediately with ease.

Exclusive Bonuses Of InstaGenius:
Bonus #1: Free Fast Traffic Formula Video Course
Description: Free And Fast Traffic Formula: Proven methods to generate website traffic quickly, without paying a cent.

Bonus #2: WP AmzStore
Description:  WP AmzStore is a plugin that builds money making, profit generating Amazon Affiliate stores for you. 

Bonus #3: WP Local Business Plugin
Description: An easy to use a system that creates social-powered business landing pages in seconds. This system is designed for anyone who wants to get a full business landing page site up and to run in minutes without installing a big bulky cms or doing any hardcore techie stuff.

Bonus #4: Wordpress SEO and Traffic Secrets Video Course
Description: A video course that will teach you how to get more traffic quickly and easily.

Bonus #5: WP Checkout Maximizer
Description: A WP plugin that will help you by increasing your conversion sales, enhance your buyer’s experience and also to drive social viral traffic to your blogs…in just a few easy steps.

Bonus #6: Rank Your WordPress Site on 1st Page of Google Video Course
Description: An 8-part video series that will teach you how to get your blog site ranking to the first page of Google.

Bonus #7: Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment
Description: Your guide to making the checkout process as painless as possible.

Bonus #8: WP Sell Anywhere Plugin
Description: With this simple plugin you can create a PayPal button and alternative payment button for those countries where Paypal is not accepted, so you don’t miss any sales! You can add unlimited products to any WP post or WP page.

Bonus #9: WP Cash-O-Matic Plugin
Description: A WP plugin that allows you to create product pages or affiliate offer pages. Be it affiliate marketing, product creation, everyday blogging, website owning or webmastering, the product can increase your profits and streamline your product page creation.

Bonus #10: WP Protector
Description: This simple and high utility plugin that acts as a Web Application Firewall, detecting and preventing against vulnerability exploits, unethical intrusions and additionally strengthens your WordPress installation, so your WP site remains guarded against security hazards.

Bonus #11: Subscribers Only WP Plugin
Description: Allows you to set a VIP Type of Blog Post in Your WordPress Blog. Allows you to have a semi-membership site feature on your blog. Here, you can have a post that only your subscribers can read.

Bonus #12: WP Amcom Pro
Description: A tool that will help give you more time freedom by updating the latest and best seller products from Amazon into your blog or niche website.

Bonus #13: Optin Pop WP Plugin
Description: A WP Plugin that helps transform any WP blog into a list building super tornado, increase traffic and subscribers.

Bonus #14: MemberPal WP Membership Plugin
Description:  Create Fully Protected Membership Websites with Paypal Verified Members that only lets verified PayPal customers access your content.

Bonus #15: List Building Simplified Guide
Description:  All the top list building tips, tactics, and secrets condensed into a simple easy to follow guide for building responsive, targetted, profitable lists in no time

Bonus #16: Lead Book WP Plugin
Description:  Supercharge your list building effort, building it on social media is good to start using this amazing tool called Lead Book.

Bonus #17: JV Giveaway Events Video Tutorial
Description:  Learn how to build your list in the internet marketing niche in double time with giveaway events, offering an affiliate program to the online products you sell.

Bonus #18: JV Spawner Software
Description: Overcome the challenge of attracting affiliate marketers to promote your products. This is one of the most effective affiliate marketing solutions ever devised.

Bonus #19: Back Control WordPress Plugin
Description:  Helps you maximize your marketing efforts by redirecting your visitors to any URL, when they click the ‘Back’ button to return to the previous URL and there you can recapture / monetize your lost traffic.

Bonus #20: Customer List Builder Software
Description:  A simple ‘set and go’ system links directly with the popular Paypal payment service, automatically adding your customer details as soon as they pay.

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InstaGenius Review and Discount

Post by sangbk (2017-09-18 14:40)

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